G'day, my name is Filippo and I'm the owner of Outback Elite Tours.
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Born and raised in a small village called Borgo San Siro, located in the Northern part of Italy, I've always loved meeting new people, travelling the world, and adventure: pretty much living the dream!
After obtaining my degree in Interpreting and Communication I've worked as sales manager for a manufacturing industry and in 2011 I've moved to Australia with my girlfriend.
On board of an old 4WD, we travelled around this beautiful country for a year in a Sydney to Sydney adventure, driving 38,075 km and falling in love with each place we've visited. Australia captured us so much that we decided to start a new life here Down Under.
It has been a choice made with our hearts, and we picked the heart of Australia to live: the stunning Red Centre!
We moved to Alice Springs in April 2013 and we fell in love with the town, the bloody hot summer, the characters, the red soil, the nature and this whole stunning Central Australia region.
We have happily lived here ever since. We even got married on the red sand in front of Uluru!
Here in the Centre I've been working for two years as Tour Guide for another tour operator and after that, for almost a year, for Tourism Central Australia as Membership Officer.
Both these jobs helped me build and develop the knowledge of this region and of the tourism industry.
In January 2016 I've decided to fully dedicate myself to this project which I named Outback Elite Tours. My mission is to run tours of the highest standards in English, Italian and Spanish offering a unique, unforgettable and personalised experience to all my passengers.
So, what are you waiting for?
Book Now the best tour in Central Australia and discover the Red Centre with us!
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