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These are extract of Tripadvisor reviews about my services as tour guide while I was working for another tour operator from 2014 to 2015
“Three day trip …………”
 Reviewed 23 March 2015
……..At this trip, we met alot of nice people and our guide, Filippo was amazing. He was enthusiastic and making an effort in getting to know people and giving them a nice experience - and also a great cook! …………..
Visited March 2015
“Erg genoten, mede dankzij gids Filippo”
 Reviewed 30 January 2015
…….Filippo was onze gids en hij was onvermoeibaar. Altijd opgewekt, met humor en aandacht voor iedereen. Het was vroeg opstaan, maar Pavarotti maakte dat makkelijker en dan was daar Filippo die er weer veel zin in had: hello beautiful people! …….Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, etc.. De wandelingen waren prachtig en goed te doen. Filippo vertelt daarbij veel "aboriginal verhalen", waardoor die cultuur echt gaat leven. Heel leuk. Een echte aanrader!…..
“………. Guide Filippo”
 Reviewed 24 December 2014
………Amazing experience! ……………Our guide, Filippo, was terrific! He made it a point to learn the names of everyone in the group right away as well as a bit about each of us, and kept everyone involved and engaged. His knowledge of the Outback and the Aboriginal peoples was vast, and he had no trouble answering a multitude of questions from the group. Did I mention that he is also a great cook?! …………….
“Mooie safari. Filippo was geweldig goed”
 Reviewed 4 December 2014
……….Mooie 4-daagde safaritocht gemaakt mede dankzij de goede zorgen van de begeleider Filippo. Steeds goedgemutst, gedienstig, steeds in de weer en vriendelijk. Hoe houdt die man het vol. Het eten was goed verzorgd en lekker voor een safaritocht. Ook weer dankzij de goede zorgen van Filippo. Als we terugkwamen van een wandeling stond hij klaar met verse sinaasappelen of een andere verassing. 'S morgens wekte hij ons met de de mooie stem van Pavarotti, zijn Italiaanse roots beklemtonend. ….…….
Visited November 2014
 Reviewed 4 December 2014
…….Vilka dagar vi hade, och vilken guide! Tack Filippo för att du tog hand om oss så bra. Hela resan var en underbar upplevelse. De ändlösa vägarna, den röda jorden, den stekande solen, de stjärnklara nätterna och de fantastiska berättelserna.
“2-4Nov Uluru trip with superman tour guide Filippo”
 Reviewed 11 November 2014
……..I enjoyed this trip very much. Not only the spectacular scene of outback, but also the great tour guide Filippo. He is an all round superman. He is a driver, a chef, a knowledgeable tour guide. He knows about the rocks, geographic, aboriginals. Food and accommodation is good. …………..
Visited November 2014
“expérience totalement nouvelle!!!!”
 Reviewed 26 October 2014
…….FILIPPO nous réveillait , certes très tôt , pour éviter les grosses chaleurs , au son magique de Pavarotti ( entre autres) , jolis feux de camps , jolies visites , de nombreux commentaires pendant les visites ……..
“Fantastic 3 Day Camping Safari”
 Reviewed 7 October 2014
……We have just returned from our 3 day camping safari ………what a terrific trip…………..Day one we were picked up just after 6am at the door of our hotel by our friendly tour guide Filippo. Filippo was a fantastic tour guide from start to finish. He is friendly, funny and cares about his group, he is also very knowledgeable. ………………..
Visited October 2014
“…………..24 to 28-08-14”
 Reviewed 23 September 2014
……I recently did a 5 day tour to the Red Centre. The tour guide was the fabulous Filippo, who obviously loves his work. His enthusiasm, organisational skills and his ability as a well informed tour guide made an enjoyable trip something really special. I will long remember waking to the sounds of Italian opera before the dawn, with accompanying dingos on one occasion. I was also lucky to travel with 11 other fantastic travelers, mixed nationalities and age range from mid 20's to 50's and again, I think it was Filippo's skill as a guide that made us such a happy group……….
Visited August 2014
“Great camping safari, super guide!”
Reviewed 13 September 2014
…….The guide Filipo was very knowledgeable and super friendly and ENTHUSIASTIC. He made it a great safari. Thanks Filipo!……
“5 day…….tour - excellent”
 Reviewed 1 September 2014
…….Particular thanks to our wonderful guide, Filippo, who helped make it a truly memorable experience.
We were in a group of 12: mixed nationalities and 4 of us in our 50s while the rest were 20-30. I was concerned about being an "oldie" on this trip - firstly because I worried that I would not be fit enough for the activities and secondly that the mix of older and younger would not work - but I was wrong on both counts. Maybe it was luck to end up with such a delightful group of people, but I also think Filippo's skill as a guide/communicator/organiser assisted to make a happy bunch.
For each of the longer walks (7km at Kata Tjuta & Kings Canyon) we were given the option to do a shorter version, which was appreciated as a consideration, but proved not to be necessary…….……I have seen other reviewers mention Pavarotti in the morning - it sounds strange but it became a daily highlight and put everyone in good spirits in the dark pre-dawn. The dingoes joined in one morning, which was hilarious……….
Visited August 2014
“……….Kangaroo Dreaming”
 Reviewed 22 August 2014
……We thoroughly enjoyed our 5 day trip with a fabulous guide, Filippo. He knows so much about aboriginal culture and geology. Clearly, he loves his job and he didn't stop from before dawn til after dark. We were really well looked after throughout the whole trip…….… Ask him to play the opera arias and make his special damper al pesto! Great experience!……
Visited July 2014
“A bloody ripper 3 days outbacktour with…….”
Reviewed 20 July 2014
……..We recently did a 3 days tour in the outback with our fabulous tour guide Fillippo. He did an amazing job in all belongings. He was an excellent cook, driver and tour guide. He knew a lot about the aboriginal history, the local plants and animals and the geological facts about the impressive formations Uluru/ Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. Personal highlights were definitely the Kings Canyon …………Big shout out to Fillippo!
Visited July 2014
 Reviewed 20 July 2014
We just returned from private charter 3 1/2 days from Alice Springs to Uluru with our 3 adult children and their partners. It was a special time for us. We had Filippo as our guide and really enjoyed his company - including his Italian opera waking us as 4.30am with buongiorno! We were a bit dubious about having an Italian who had been in the country less than 2 years tell us about the Australian stories but he was incredibly knowledgeable and truly loved his job and this country. His enthusiasm brought all the stories alive for us too. Not many people seemed to be doing the full hikes so although peak season we didn't run into too many other folks. The Kings Canyon rim walk was amazing and the walk through Kata Tjuta also stunning and not to be missed - Filippo managed to fit so much into our itinerary and still make it in time for the sunsets and sunrises without making us feel rushed…………………ask for Filippo - he will look after you………….
Visited July 2014
“Superbe excursion dans le Red Center……”
Reviewed 17 July 2014
…….Nous avons passé quatre jours enrichissants et agréables à la découverte d'Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canion, et des West mcDonnel Ranges. Notre guide Filipo y est pour une bonne part: il est très professionnel, proche des attentes du groupe, donnant suffisamment des explications sans inonder de blablas………
“Amazing 5 day tour - mature single traveller”
 Reviewed 24 June 2014
………Our tour guide, Fillipo was very thorough in his itinerary and gave an older traveller consideration, as well as showing his tour group more than 100% attention.
He also gave his knowledge freely to the trainee tour guides and shared his spontaneous love of the surroundings.
Loved being woken each morning with Fillipo's chosen Pavarotti arias - twas unusual but enjoyable and from the start Fillipo impounded his personality on one and all.
thanks for a great adventure!……
Visited June 2014
“Excellent trip!”
Reviewed 28 April 2014 via mobile
……..We did the 3-day tour to Uluru, the Olgas, Kings Canyon. Our guide Filippo was fantastic and having a good tour guide is so essential so we were really lucky. …….. The group was mixed but Filippo joined us together. And of course experiencing all the famous sights (Uluru, Olgas, Kings Canyon) is just awesome………….
“Great experience for Aussies”
Reviewed 27 April 2014
……Just returned from a fabulous 3 day/2 night trip with Fillipo, the best tour guide I have ever experienced. He was so knowledgable he put us Aussies to shame. He worked really hard to make our trip an amazing, enjoyable, safe and fun packed experience. Waking to Pavarotti was a treat. I was surprised so few Australians do this trip but can recommend it……..
“Notre plus grand souvenir d'Australie !”
Reviewed 17 April 2014
……Notre guide, Filippo, est inévitablement pour quelque chose dans cette réussite. Toutes ses histoires et ses connaissances sur la culture aborigène nous ont complètement immergé dans le vrai Red Centre, celui des Aborigènes ! Uluru fut magique !! Nous avons vu tous les animaux australiens typiques du désert, et ce grâce à Filippo qui n'hésitait à arrêter son énorme camion au moindre endroit. On se souviendra toujours des chevaux sauvages, de ce kangourou téméraire qui a traversé la route au tout début du voyage, des chenilles, des dingoes... Merci Filippo ! ……..
“Great guide Filippo!”
 Reviewed 5 April 2014
…….. The guide Filippo have a great competence about Uluru and about aboriginals culture. He is also a great chief!……..We can recommend this tour with Filippo very much!…….
“Trip of a lifetime!”
 Reviewed 5 April 2014
…….. Our guide, Fillipo was wonderful - funny, knowledgeable, safety concious, and very capable. I was amazed at his stamina and multitasking abilities. He did EVERYTHING - drive, cook, tour guide, got us to the sites in plenty of time for us to view what we wanted, and more. He made the tour…..…………
Reviewed 21 March 2014
……I am a 69 year old woman …..… You do not have to be young! Philippo was a great guide and really tried hard to make sure we had a great experience………
“Great tour”
 Reviewed 16 February 2014
We went on the five-day…………. Filippo was our guide and he was indefatigable, knowledgeable, cheerful and an incredibly skilled cook. There’s something very appealing about an Italian immigrant leading a tour of foreigners through the Australian outback. His enthusiasm was contagious. His love and respect for the the landscape, the wildlife and plant life, for Australian history, both aboriginal and colonial, was a gift for us, enriching and deepening our experience.………Do it! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing…..
Visited November 2013
“Fantastic Fillipo”
 Reviewed 7 February 2014
……..Last week my husband and I, both over 60, had a brilliant time………Our guide, Fillipo, was exceptional. He took great care of us right from the start, ensuring that we were drinking enough as it was so hot. He had a great sense of humour and his enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone. I didn't attempt the rim walk as there were some steep climbs but he suggested another, easier walk for myself and another lady. Don't let age be a barrier to enjoying this experience. It was fantastic. Thank you Fillipo…….
Visited January 2014
Reviewed 20 January 2014
………Jeeeez! ………It was really hot though, but what do you expect if you go to the desert in the middle of the summer?! Filippo is a great tour guide. He kept asking how everybody was doing and feeling during the trip. He made us very yummy dinners (even glutenfree, he had everything glutenfree (pasta, muesli bars, cookies, just everything!!)) and told us interesting but funny stories. He was very enthusiastic and you could see that he really loves this country and knows things about it. ………………
Visited January 2014
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